Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today's progress

Class update for Brian, please check Jamie & Isaiah's post to view in-class work.

Homework completed followings: 
(1) page mattress cover, 
(1) page Flir one product research
(3) pages of ID sketch study in her own sketchbook
(1) in-person interview from south coast plaza regarding heat detective devise
In Class work:
Need to make (1) summary page of interview [completed]
Need to make (1) page of what people need and wants [completed]
Homework due 4/16/2016:
(1) page: Design conclusion, Design Goal
Inspiration/reference page to design
(5) pages of ID sketch study

Homework completed:
(4) pages revised based on Brian's feedback
(2) pages created
In Class work:
Competitor research [completed]
Homework due 4/16/2016:
Need to bring at least 10-15 questions for interview
Create 2 pages of inspiration to design

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