Tuesday, July 15, 2014

College Success Story

We had such a great turn around last year especially in Industrial department.

We are proud to show few samples of a student's work who previously attended kazone art and prospected student of Art Center College of Design!

Ian L. joined Kazone in 2012, his focus was Industrial design from the beginning and his ultimate goal was be admit to Art Center College of design. It took about 2 years to prepare his portfolio. Ian was one of student who had a drive to motivate himself and well disciplined with a set curriculum.

Big thanks to instructor, Brian, Dami and Aaron!

Scholarship Received:

  • Art center College of Design : $10,000 per year ($90,000 for 10 terms)
  • Otis: $12,000 per year
  • CCA_California College of Arts: $9,800 per year

Below are samples of his portfolio, we are only posting limited amount of image due to copyright.
Ian has produced total of 231 pages as a final portfolio and a separate idea sketchbook was turned in.
His final portfolio were printed from local print shop with laser printer and professionally binded.
You can visit kazone studio and have a free consultation to view various types of accepted portfolio of Kazone art.